Word count goal

Use case or problem

I think it’d be cool to have a daily or session word count goal counter, like Scrivener has, or a word count goal by document, like Zettlr has.

Proposed solution

This is probably doable via plugin.

Current workaround

Better word count plugin currently tells words added per day, which is pretty cool.

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I like your suggestions. And I actually tried the Better word count to see the number of words added each day. But I don’t see where it is shown. Is there anything else I need to do other than downloading the plug-in?

Actually, I misremembered. There’s a plugin called “Daily Stats” that gives words written today.



A session word count would be very helpful. Is there a good plugin for this? Even better if this can be inside Obsidian itself.

(The ‘Daily Stats’ plugin isn’t working for the last several months, and was updated last 14 months ago. It’s unfortunately not a suitable workaround for this missing feature anymore.)

Daily Stats seems to work for me (don’t know about the graph yet, but I get the count in the bottom right corner)