Wish, Obsidian could do this: Vault in a PDF with active links

Use case or problem

Currently, Obsidian PDF export don’t do anything to wikilinks (ie, links are not active.)

Proposed solution

What if, obsidian could export whole vault into PDF like this
https://html.spec.whatwg.org/print.pdf of this website https://html.spec.whatwg.org/

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)



Yes, at least links within the same PDF should be functional, see this FR: PDF export: Make links within same document functional

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Export entire vault to PDF with links would be an incredibly valuable feature.


Agreed, absolutely.

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Needed :slight_smile:
And it would be great first to make one transitional big md file, to be able to make some modifications before exportation. For example, I use some kind of headers in my notes with tags, creation date and update date. But I wouldn’t like to have that on the exported file, so I would need to delete some lines.

This feature is particularly important for the next decades as we may experience in some countries blackouts due to energy shortage. So it would be valuable to print at least some useful parte of our vaults.