Windows 11 built-in backup and restore feature

My question is about Windows 11 built-in backup and restore feature.

I need to check if Obsidian is safe with this feature. (I am using Obsidian SYNC feature)

Suppose I backed up every Windows setting with this image backup feature built inside Windows 11.

My Obsidian storage is located in E driver (not C driver). My Obsidian app is installed in C driver.

Suppose my Windows gets a problem in the future.

Suppose I restore Windows using backed up image.

In this case, my Obsidian application in Windows C driver will go back to the backed-up stage.

In this case, will my Obsidian synced files be safe?

Do I have to delete all Obsidian files in E driver before Windows restoration?

Or will Obsidian application in C driver safely recognize my Obsidian files in E driver?

Thanks for your help!

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