Will pay for dev: Vault to PDF

I have a vault with lots and lots of atomic notes, interlinked into a big ball of knowledge and thinking (I know you probably do, too).

I’d like to back it up as a physical book. To do that, I’d like to export the whole vault as a PDF, with the following features:

  • Notes alphabetically sorted by title (case insensitive).
  • Automatic page numbers.
  • An automatically-generated ToC referring to notes by page numbers.
  • An automatically-generated index, by tag, referring to notes by page numbers.
  • Each individual [[internal wikilink]] will have the relevant page number next to it, as [[internal wikilink]] (15).
  • Graphics would be embedded (not a must).
  • YAML front-matter would be printed as-is, in the context of a note.

It looks like there isn’t an existing plugin to do this. I am interested in sponsoring the creation of such an open-source plugin. Is there a developer who might want to work on this?


Hi! What’s your desired timeframe on this?

I have recently had some thoughts about a LaTeX templating engine and the backend required for that project seems well-suited for a task like this.

If you want to talk more, please contact me on Discord: Maximio#6460


I didn’t know I wanted to be able to do this, but I definitely want to be able to do this.


Those are my thoughts as well; by the end of the day, I should be able to see the “Unified” notes and piece together a larger picture from the ever-growing knowledge maze.

Great Idea!

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Thanks for sponsoring this idea. Very generous.

I sent you a friend request.

Is anyone currently working on this, or is it a dead request?

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nobody is working on it, and it is not dead. Definitely still interested.

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