Will and if so, how might "Quantum Computers" & "Robot Technology" have a noticable impact on Obsidian Notetaking and Digital Zettelkasten?

Hey, I want to introduce this description by clearifying that I am no expert in either of these fields, I am even new to Knowledge Management, Obsidian and Zettelkasten.

With that said,
Ever since these thoughts started to form in my mind, it really has been impossible to let them go.

I therefore came to the conclution to write here, in an attempt to find some answers.

Maybe my thoughts can find some rest after this, or it will reveal a new beginning of questions growing and associations connecting.

I guess, well see where it leads. :slight_smile:

Was this generated by GPT3?


This text was GPT-3 generated, with the title of this thread as prompt:

I don’t have a clue when it comes to quantum computing but I’ve heard they’re going to be faster than traditional computers by a huge margin. I don’t know if it’ll have an impact on Obsidian or not.

Robot technology is already starting to have an impact on Obsidian. I’ve been using a tool called Botpress to create bots that can automate some of my workflows. For example, I have a bot that automatically creates Zettelkasten notes from my RSS feed. I also have a bot that automatically adds links to my Zettelkasten notes when I mention them in other notes.

I think the impact of robot technology on Obsidian will only grow in the future. I think we’ll see more and more tools that help us automate our workflows.