WikiLinks Not Formatted Correctly

Steps to reproduce

Create a WikiLink i.e. [Operations|Operations/index]

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]


Expected result

The alias that the interpreter displays should be “Operations” and the link should go to (relatively) Operations/index

Actual result

The alias the interpreter displays is “Operations/index” and the link goes to “Operations”


No additional bug information.

Additional information

GitLab handles this correctly. Treating the argument on the left of the pipe as the alias. Obsidian appears to handle this incorrectly, according to the syntax published here ( Since there is no published standard, I’m not sure which is correct. But Atlassian and GitLab seem to agree alias should be on the left. If not changed in Obsidian, could this be an option to set to support these other tools? Right now, I can’t easily work in Obsidian for creating my documents to publish to the GitLab wiki.

Thanks for the response, WhiteNoise. That further clarifies that Obsidian has a different standard than GitLab or Atlassian, but unfortunately does not address the core issue that different applications are formatting this differently. I would think Obsidian would want to integrate and work well with GitLab.

I frankly wasn’t aware of the link you posted. I am no even sure it comes from gitlab or atalassian firstparty.

We followed the wikipedia convention which is much older.

I don’t think that source does come from GitLab or Atlassian. But I verified that is how it works in the current published GitLab cloud instances (alias first).

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