WikiLinks inside Markdown links not recognized as normal backlinks

Hello, as I understand it, using Markdown link syntax with wikilink as the target, Obsidian does not recognize that as the regular wiki link.

Example: containing [[Woodworking]]. containing [[Woodworking]]. containing Woodworking shows backlings for File1 and File2. Not File3.
If I click in Viewing mode on the link in File3, new file called [[Woodworking]] gets created, with a single backling from File3.

This seems like a non-issue, but in my language (czech) we use different declensions (the inflection of nouns, pronouns, and adjectives with respect to categories such as case, number, and gende) so it looks unnatural to use the the plain form of a word (the exact way it is written) when it should be used unflected (thats why i want to use markdown links for wikilink targets).

File named
In english, when mentioning this file in other note, you can say “we owe it to [[Peter]]”.
But in czech, it looks odd and wrong and you should use the special form “dlužíme Peterovi”. So I want to hide the literal note name behind the markdown link syntax like Peterovi.


If I have a note called ‘pandemonium’, I can create a link with a different display name by typing the pipe character after the note’s name and then writing the display name I want. For example:

It was complete [[pandemonium|madness]] in there.

See image below.


Oh my, you are right, why haven’t i thought of this. Overcomplicated it myself. Thanks & closing this.

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