Wikilinks autocomplete with header links if out of options

Use case or problem

I often try to link to a term that doesn’t have its own file and is only a header in another file while not being sure which file the header is in.

I need to search the whole vault first to find out where the header is (or whether it exists at all), which is annoying and slows me down.

Proposed solution

While making a new wikilink, add matching header links to the autocompletion options below file link options (if any).


I know this problem could be solved by a better vault structure with fewer headers and more files, but I don’t have time for that since I’m using obsidian for notetaking during lessons, and thus need to pay attention to other things than the perfect vault structure.

Possible duplicate:

As a workaround, typing [[## will suggest headings from anywhere in the vault.


Nice. This is very cool! Is that feature documented somewhere?

It is! Internal links - Obsidian Help

holy cow, thank you so much, I didn’t know that

and [[^^ works for any paragraph as well

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