WikiLink - sometimes portion of the title gets appended after the closing ]]'s

  • macOS 11.2.3
  • Obsidian 0.11.7
  • Vault is on iCloud Drive

Not sure how to properly repro this yet (sorry) but wanted to start a thread in case anyone else has seen this and maybe wants to chime in.

This has happened to me several times now.

I’ll be editing a group of related notes, and after inserting a wikilink [[foo]] and jumping to it, upon jumping back to the original note, I’ll find that a chunk of unwanted text has glommed on to the right edge of the link. It will be some substring of the original title (but never all of it). A sample screenshot of this that I snapped earlier today is below.

As of now I believe that this may have something to do with:

a) the note having some bad markdown in it (unclosed tags, etc)
b) the title having some combination of dashes --- spaces or other chars in it
c) corrupt internal index (?)
d) bug in underlying storage e.g. iCloud - (least likely imo)

I may have seen this one yesterday. The glommed on text was just a visual artifact and couldn’t be selected. It went away after a dd (vim mode) on the line, only happened once, and haven’t reproduced it.

@pmbauer In my case it wasn’t just a visual artifact. I opened the file in VSCode to confirm that the contents were actually modified.

This is a tough one to reproduce for sure. On Discord @Licat said it was probably a 3rd party plugin but I have only what I consider to be a pretty widely-used set installed now after the last data loss scare, so I’m not sure. Here’s what I’m running:

  • Advanced Tables
  • Footnote
  • Hotkeys for starred files
  • Recent files
  • Show current note in window title
  • Show whitespace
  • Templater

My latest theory is that this is happening because of some outside (or perceived outside) process modifying the files while it’s being edited. I have seen this type of popup appearing lately and pretty sure I did see it the last time this happened:


I never edit my notes in 2 editors at the same time, so I’m not sure what is causing these popups to appear. I store my vault on iCloud Drive so that’s the only thing I can think of—somehow macOS could be doing this. Maybe adjusting timestamps or adding some metadata??

In any case, is there a way to tell Obsidian to be more conservative about auto-merging these changes? (separate question here)

How about a prompt, or better yet an option to disable this behavior? This is how Sublime does it for example:


Can you repro this with no third-party plugins enabled?

@WhiteNoise I can’t even repro it with the plugins enabled. It’s elusive but definitely happens to me daily. I will try running for a bit without any plugins…