Widgets for iOS app

Dear all, just popping in here because I am testing out Obsidian and considering migrating from Evernote to Obsidian.

Since Obsidian focuses on the speed in which you can create and load notes,

I would love to see an iOS widget:

  • Something as simple as a “Create New Note” button would be perfect for me, but

  • Evernote has a nice robust widget:
    Evernote Widget

  • An Obsidian widget could look similar, and in this single widget incorporate the various requests on the forums including:
    +Shortcut to create a new text note (as mentioned by user Implicit above)
    +Shortcut to create a new audio note (as mentioned by the OP)
    +Create New Daily Note (as requested by this user)

Also, I wonder if this topic can be moved to the feature request category (or if that matters).

If anyone has suggestions of a workaround to achieve any of this in the mean time, I would love to know! I poked around the iOS Shortcuts feature, but that doesn’t seem to have anything useful in this case…

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