Why the pacman icons?

Does anyone know why every line in the results of my Dataview LIST queries begins with a pacman icon? Is it something to do with my Blue Topaz theme? Or some feature of Dataview that I don’t know about?

What I’m trying to do

Here’s a typical LIST query:

LIST from "Home/Food/Recipes"

And here’s the result:


Things I have tried

I did a forum search for ‘pacman’ but the only references were to the Linux package manager of that name.

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October surprise! :ghost:

As usually the case, it’s a theme, some CSS snippet, or a plugin. The link to the troubleshooting steps is there in the text field when you click + New Topic. I’d try those.


Yes, thanks. And sorry,I should have checked before asking. If I go back to Minimal, I see normal bullets. Now I need to go and have a few words with whoever created Blue Topaz… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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