Why the display text of an inline link to a specific note contains the folder address?

Hi all,

I have a weird problem. I have a template for my contacts (with Templater). All my contacts are in a folder named “people”. For some reason, when I want to mention (link → [[]]) one of my contacts in another note, the display text includes the full path to the file: People/John Smith.

However, I don’t have any issues with other contacts that are in the same folder and the links look good. In other words, I only see the contact’s name (not the folder path).
e.g. John Smith is a generous man.

I deleted that particular contact note and recreated it again. However, it didn’t solve the issue. I tried creating new contacts with fake names and I don’t have this problem with them.

Any idea what might be wrong?


It sounds like you’ve got multiple notes named John Smith in your vault, and that Obsidian needs to prefix your link to distinguish it from the other.

There is also a settingn to indicate how such links should behave. See Files and links > New file link, which I usually keep at Shortedt path possible.

One way to test this is the case, is to delete the John Smith note you know, and then try to link to it from somewhere else to locate the other variant.

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You are absolutely right! Somehow, I had created a file with the same name in another folder and after deleting that, everything looks good. Thank you!

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