Why single brackets around inline fields in callouts?


So this might be a simple one, but I’ve not found any documentation on this anywhere. But I’ve found that fields can be declared using three different syntax depending on context:

  • Frontmatter: field: value
  • In the note: field:: value2
  • In a callout: > [!info] [field:: value3] (or within any(?) line text [field:: value4] text)

Things I have tried

I originally tried doing the > [!info] field:: value4 and some variations thereof, but those failed, and through some searching I found that it does work using brackets around it.

So I kind of would want for it not to need those brackets, but most of all I would like why the brackets, and are there other alternative syntaxes for doing field within a line of text (or callout (or quotes))?


  • Question: what says in docs?
    (after I can explain why you need brackets in callout title) :slight_smile:

No need for more explanation, I think either form of brackets are needed to proper separate it from the rest of the text.

I’m just a little sorry I wasn’t able to locate this in the docs my self. :cry: Note to self: get better at searching!

Imagining a scan, dataview read the text in the line and check any special character. If only one special character before the key, then it works. (but in callout first line there’re many)

You can place this (as is) in a new note and see what is parsed as key field:

key:: value

this is a long string without any special character:: value

this is a long string, but with a comma:: value

- this is a string as list item:: value 

> key2:: value

> [!info] (k3:: value)
> keyIn:: value


Hmm… This is getting interesting, as I kind of like the parens variant, where it hides the key-name. However, I’m a little surprised it doesn’t hide the key name when used in the callout.


As can be seen in the image key3 and key4 are hidden, and only the value shown, but when used in the callout title, key1 is still seen. The syntax does still allow for me to add some valuable extra information to the callouts which I’m using this inline field syntax for, so I’m grateful for the extra information given.

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