Why let themes change a core navigation item in the ribbon bar?

Things I have tried

I searched for 10 minutes in help including Obsidian help. I looked through all of the Settings.

What I’m trying to do

Hide the folder list so I have more real estate

The help shows the collapse < button to close the sidebar is at the top but for the life of me I couldn’t see it, never even considered it would be at the bottom of the ribbon bar but sure enough that’s where I found it eventually. Is it because I’m using the #Sanctum theme? If so, why let the theme change this fundamental navigation element?

Well, in a direct answer, because the theme author changes what he wants (inside what he can). :slight_smile:
And you can choose the theme you want.
And you can define a shortcut/hotkey to “Toggle left sidebar”. Go to Settings > Hotkeys, search “Toggle left sidebar” and define your shortcut.


Thanks, the question was more for the Developers as a request to not allow this. I don’t think it makes sense and then have users looking around for basic navigation. I’ve also opened an issue with the theme creator. I haven’t used shortcuts much on Android but will check that out thanks!

Just trying Obsidian for Android on Samsung Tab S6 and it doesn’t seem to have the collapse but instead auto-collapses the folder list AND the ribbon bar and then clicking the pane icon in the top-left corner of the pane expands them. I think that could be good on smartphone version.

This is a feature by design. Themes and plugins can re-adjust the UI as the user prefers. If you don’t like the way it’s designed you are free to tweak the theme for your own preferences as well!


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