Why is this map collapsing my list?

Things I have tried

Filtering with choices, quoting and unquoting the prio values, regex replacement, probably a few other things … this code seems like it should work, but obviously I’m missing something …

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to set up a table of incomplete tasks, where the tasks can contain data for prio, created date etc.

Bonus points - if there’s a good way to remove the bullet points from the grouped items in the columns. CSS isn’t my forté and not sure what to override here … This is not so urgent though and I can live with the bullets if need be :slight_smile:

  TABLE regexreplace(rows.Tasks.text, "\[.*$", "") AS "Task",
		map(row.Tasks.prio, (prio) => 
			choice(prio = "1", "1️⃣",
				choice(prio = "2", "2️⃣", 
				choice(prio = "3", "3️⃣", 
	    ) AS "Priority",
        rows.Tasks.created AS "Created", 
        rows.Tasks.due AS "Due" 
  WHERE file.tasks
    AND !startswith(file.path, "_templates/")
FLATTEN file.tasks as Tasks
  GROUP BY file.link

Create and Due dates come out fine, as does priority if I simply list row.Tasks:prio, but if I try and convert the prio to an icon, it collapses the list, so the Priority column contains only one item per group (the file link), and this is set to “-”, not any of the values I want

OK, I’ve discovered the tasks community plugin, which gives me quite a nice solution for what I want to do.

I’m still interested in the answer to this from a purely academic perspective though - could be useful to know for future reference :slight_smile:

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