Why is there a time limitation for posts edition?

I usually get back to my posts on various forums (and Stack Exchange sites) in order to update them with relevant information. Since someone made the effort to help me the least I can do is to maintain a complete, up-to-date answer.

I noticed today that I cannot edits posts that are older than 10 or so minutes. Why the limitation?

Frequent spam.

Spam bots learned that the forum screens new posts from new users with links, so they started creating new posts without links, waiting a bit, then editing those posts to insert the spam
links retrospectively.

Thanks. What a shitty Internet we live in :-/

I guess it is not possible to limit the usage of links for new users completely - a “new user” being someone “younger” than X days, or with less than Y comments.

Good point. There is such a system, but your account might still be too new. I just manually increased your account’s seniority, so try now?

It works, thank you very much.
So it was only a matter of waiting more time, sorry for the trouble.

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Ahhh, and this is why I could not see the “Solution” checkbox - I was wondering about that as well.


@ryanjamurphy hey Ryan. Can you do the same for me pretty please? Coming from UpNote, but I want to get more involved in Obsidian. Plan to participate here often.

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