Why I love Obsidian

I have tried a different number of note taking applications, ZimWiki, Joplin, WikidPad, wikionastick, you name it. But I finally found the one I love the best. Why do I love Obsidian the best? Let me count the ways!

  1. It starts quickly. I am not patient. For the same amount of material, Joplin would sometimes take a while to start or open blank, even if you are not syncing anything.
  2. The search is great, it clearly highlights the matches across all notes and inside them. Some of the others need help here. I mean you are going to have lots of notes, being able to search and do so well, is crucial, and Obsidian really shines here.
  3. The interface is minimalist yet has everything you need. Mind you, I would not mind a button bar to make something bold or underline or a heading. Maybe there is a way to do that.
  4. The editing window and display version are nicely integrated, you do not find yourself constantly in the editing window while really wanting to see the search highlights which only works in one window, or something like that. One note window that works nicely, whether editing or reading.
  5. It has a plugin for encryption, not that I am using, but I want that possibility.
  6. It has a sync option, not that I am using it, but I might some day.
  7. I love the standard .md file format, you can back up, copy, move files to a different wiki etc.

The only nice to haves would be:

  1. A button bar in the note window to make something bold or underline.
  2. In the notes list on the left, maybe a different background, or less faded font colour? Maybe a little more colour overall, maybe, not sure exactly what.

But f any developers read this, this is an awesome tool, awesome!!!


cmenu can make a customizable button bar for bold and other markdown syntax

yeah, this is the first PKM software i’ve actually spent time in. i tried evernote a while back and hated it. since finding Obsidian i’ve become aware of a handful of other programs and there’s always 1 big deal breaker. the best example is Roam being SAS thus online only.

someone mentioned in that thread about making Obsidian open source, a program called Zettlr, as being an open source alternative. i decided to give it a try and realized IMMEDIATELY why they weren’t using it, despite it being more in-line with their philosophy.

using Obsidian has become almost half the fun of studying. and at this point i use it for much more than just studying. its given me an excuse to write down all the random/weird/crazy thoughts i have throughout the day in stead of just letting them fade away like smoke from a chimney. “i should write that down, maybe there’s a connection i can make”


Obsidian makes me happier than any software has in a long time. It comes closer to doing everything I want than any text editor I’ve ever used (and since learning about acme, I’ve wanted a lot). I disregarded it because it’s an Electron app, but a review convinced me to look again, and wow. It’s so much faster than I expected! (I’m also using faster computers than I used to, but it’s still one of the faster apps on them.)

:heart: :heart: :heart:

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Really agree with all the points! I tried Evernote, not great at interlinking notes, moved to ClickUp, awesome for task and project management, not great at interlinking notes. Now I can see all the connections and that inspires me to make more connections and combinations of knowledge. Huge security plus the local storage of notes and huge psychological plus the future proofing with markdown style (I want to give my brain to my kids!)