Why don't we enable a picture import method like Zettlr

Hello dear Obsidian community, this is my first time to join the talk. I’m using obsidian as well as Zettlr, since both of the app contain some feature that I need, from my personal experience I like the linking system and writing experience in Obsidian better but I cannot leave the export functionality of Zettlr, and the most uncomfortable experience is that picture inserted in Obdisian cannot be recognized by Zettlr since the format problem(my obsidian and zettlr run at the same root directory for convinience to operate in both apps).

I know that develop a full-featrue export functionality is very consuming, so I got my whim here, can we just leave the export alone, and give user a chance to use Zettlr to export by allowing to convert image import format that can be understanded by Zettlr? It could be a small plugin targeting only a specfic page or that sort of things, and can be converted back if export is finished