Why does the option "Auto Backup after stopping file edits" of the git plugin does not work in Android?

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to configure obsidian in an Android device to automatically commit and push changes I make on my notes of a git repository after I do the changes. This plugin works in Windows as expected.

According to the messages I see in Obsidian for Android, it seems the Obsidian git plugin pulls and fetches alright. However I do not see any message related to committing or pushing in Obsidian for Android. If I run git status in termux, I see some changes that should be committed and pushed. I do not understand why the git plugin for Obsidian does not work in Android for committing and pushing.

Things I have tried

I enabled the options “Auto Backup after stopping file edits” of the git plugin in Android and also set “Vault push interval (minutes)” to 1.