Why does the encrypted file lose the MARKDOWN effect?

I’ve been researching some plugins to feel more secure using the application and I came across the use of “MELD ENCRYPT” with it I can encrypt my files and using “OBSIDIAN GIT” to make the Backup to my Private Repository, but I noticed I can’t work with the encrypted file because it loses the MARKDOWN effect, so every time I have to open it to work, I need to decrypt it and that’s when someone can read it on the disk. Is there a way to work with the encrypted note and not lose the MarkDown effect? Or am I wanting too much? :smiley:


I haven’t heard of any solutions that enable Obsidian to directly read an encrypted file. What is your use case? Are you on a computer where someone else has access to your user account?

No, just me have access, but thinking about system compromise, would be possible read the file when I’m using.

I think that for this to work, Obsidian should have a key that would only allow it to read the files, I believe that this way MARKDOWN would work

Yep, I have the same issue with this one, what I want is a tool to encrypt all my files with a single password and each time I open the app, it decrypts all files but also have to make the markdowns function properly.
At the moment, after entering password, markdown does not work, does not show images in editor mode.
Temporary solution for this: with me, I use galaxy phone and I take all of the app to Secure folder and on Mac, I take it to File Vault.
Hope this issue will be fixed soon, it would be more convenient.

I checked and tried the Protected Note by Mikail Gadhikhanov, it seems to work fine. It encrypts all the content of the notes, only the file names are not encrypted