Why does the encrypted file lose the MARKDOWN effect?

I’ve been researching some plugins to feel more secure using the application and I came across the use of “MELD ENCRYPT” with it I can encrypt my files and using “OBSIDIAN GIT” to make the Backup to my Private Repository, but I noticed I can’t work with the encrypted file because it loses the MARKDOWN effect, so every time I have to open it to work, I need to decrypt it and that’s when someone can read it on the disk. Is there a way to work with the encrypted note and not lose the MarkDown effect? Or am I wanting too much? :smiley:


I haven’t heard of any solutions that enable Obsidian to directly read an encrypted file. What is your use case? Are you on a computer where someone else has access to your user account?

No, just me have access, but thinking about system compromise, would be possible read the file when I’m using.

I think that for this to work, Obsidian should have a key that would only allow it to read the files, I believe that this way MARKDOWN would work