Why does Sync cost money?

Why does it cost $8/month just to sync notes, while Joplin and Standard Notes can do that for free? Genuinely interested.

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To cover the cost of the servers and to make a living for Obsidian’s developer/owners.

I am not familiar with the business model of other companies so I am not gonna comment on those.


I think the question should be, why does Obsidian cost nothing?

The owners here have put in far more effort in making an amazing product – for free – than I’d guess any member of this forum would be willing to do. So, I don’t begrudge them for monetizing some services.


Usually when you are not paying for a service, then that company is selling other things like your data.


Obsidian is a Freemium app, its the norm, you get the basics for free, and if you want, you pay for the premium features.

Solution for those without money… don’t pay or find another app. No one is forcing you to use it. No one owes you anything.

You can set it up for free pretty easily using Dropbox. That’s part of the beauty of Obsidian: you own your notes.