Why does Obsidian keep deleing my data when re-opening the same pane

Based on my understanding if I have one note pane open and then right click on another note to open new pane it opens that new note to the right of the already open note. Based on that this is my experience when opening the same note twice.

If I am in Pane 1 edit mode and i right click on the note in the tree at left and select Open in new pane it will open the Pane 2 duplicate pane to the right of Pane 1 which should allow me to switch one to Edit and one to Preview.

When the second pane opens to the right it is also in edit mode and shows all data that was originally entered in Pane 1. But at this time it takes my Pane 1 and delete all the data I have already entered. So Pane 1 is blank except for header. If I take that empty Pane 1 and click the Preview button at top thinking it will match the Pane 2 with all my data it actually changes Pane 1 to Preview and in the process deletes all the data in Pane 2 so now I have two blank panes.

I noticed that if I switch Pane 1 to Preview mode before opening the second pane this seems to avoid the issue. Pane 2 will still open in Edit mode with my data and Pane 1 will that I previously switched to Preview mode will still be in preview but now completely blank. If I go into Pane 2 and just hit enter then my data will reappear in Pane 1 preview.

Obsidian seems to be shortening my lifespan and making remnote look all that more appealing. I am not sure how I can be doing something wrong here since my action seems harmless.

Is there a way to prevent data deletion when I forget elementary steps like – checking box A before checking box B? What seems like a benign action is resulting in consistent data loss.

I can’t explain the issue you’re experiencing, only report that it doesn’t happen to me. I suggest filing a #bug-reports (follow the template, feel free to copy-paste from here) on that problem.

However, it is easy to open Preview and Edit views of the same note—use the built-in features for that!


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I didn’t know about the Ctrl- click but that works better. Thanks.

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