Why does num pad del on line above delete entire heading from line below

When I hit the num pad del key on the line above a heading, I expect the heading to move up one line. But Obsidian deletes the entire heading.

To reproduce this,

  • Make certain Settings/Editor/Fold Heading is turned on.
  • Open a new obsidian document.
  • Hit enter several times.
  • Add a heading (# heading)
  • Hit enter a few more times to add some lines below the heading.
  • Move to the line directly above the heading.
  • With num-lock off, hit the num pad del key.

Result: The entire heading on the line below is deleted.

Note that if you use the regular del key, this does NOT happen. If you use regular delete, then the header on the line below will be moved up, as expected. But when you use num-pad delete, the entire header is deleted.

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