Why are valuable topics being automatically deleted?

This is a meta post about this forum.

This topic,

has a notice at the bottom,

This topic will be automatically deleted in 2 days.

That topic has 26 :heart:s. Why does it need to be deleted? What will happen to all the topics that link to it?


@dandv Good question! I’ve had that same exact concern before. And, I am sure we are not alone, so thanks for making this topic.

When the topic gets split, the post and often all the relevant comments get moved over to the duplicate or very similar topic. Sometimes this seems to be based on which topic was created first, but more often than not it seems that topics get split into other topics that have received more attention and possibly may be more clearly explained.

Now, the question is will your topic here be split elsewhere? Ha…. Honestly, I would guess that it will be changed to the Help category at some point, so this answer can help others once we get to the bottom of it.

I see now that you are asking about why the topic was closed. Also, good question about what will happen to the links. I believe they would be redirected to the topic (or post) as a reply of the topic it was split into.


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To me the Forum is mostly candy. The real ‘stuff’ takes place on Discord. Problem there is that most of that stuff is enmeshed in high level, technical jargon and surrounded by inane chatter. There are nuggets for the average folks to glean, but much of it is chatter between folks who like to type on a keyboard 24 hours a day. If you like to read a gazillion ‘lol’ entries, have at it. Other than that they both serve a purpose to calm the masses into thinking they’re being listened to. I, like perhaps you, have posted bug reports here regarding Mobile (Apple) only to see them closed into the black hole without resolution. Fortunately, I have found some really great Plugins and one excellent Theme (Minimal) which are nurtured by talented, gifted folks. Just my observations (I’m sure it will bend some readers noses out of shape).


The post and topic still exist in a merged thread where there is more info / context. Is that not a good thing? Just tidying up loose ends, I think.


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Discord is not searchable by search engines.

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Ya. In fact most of the Mods there advise folks to post Bug reports here in the Forums.

The post is a duplicate. It was merged into another thread, which you can see at the bottom. You can also see that the exact contents of that post are in the new thread:

It includes 25 of those likes, I’m assuming the last one was added after the thread was merged.

I’m not sure I follow what concerns you and @I-d-as have though. What “value” is being lost if the information exists in the merged thread?


@argentum I have no concerns. By trying to make a light joke about a meta topic about split topics itself being split, I may have implied that I have some issue with how things are done here. I very much appreciate how everything is done and definitely have no concerns, other than perhaps whether the links get redirected after topics are closed. Anyways, I just wanted to again thank you and all the other great moderators here on the forum. You all are awesome.

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Hi @dandv, @argentum summed it up nicely.

But also I saw that you had flagged two of the posts for the same reason. And Ryan had replied to you in that flag, explaining that those topics were merged with another.

I guess that the reply and flag was deleted along with the thread. I can no longer find or see it. But he had replied to you. (That must be a weird Discourse quirk!)

As for the 2nd post you link in this thread, someone marked it as “solved”, which was why it was closed. Nothing was merged or deleted in that thread.