Why are links updated when moving notes?

I have created a new vault and am noticing that sometimes when I move a note to a new folder, I see the updated link message flash.

I thought I set my vault settings the same as my old vaults, and don’t remember that happening in the past, and it doesn’t when I test. Is there a chance that some of my links are changing from their short form to the long path form?

I remember this happening in past versions and probably still currently if you move a note into your vault that has the same name as another note, but thought that these long form links were now always shortened to their short form whenever possible, as of a few versions ago.

I haven’t been able to find any links that have been altered, but it’s a large vault and I can’t shake this feeling.

Thank you very much in advance for any help. It will be much appreciated.

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What is your link format setting? I don’t understand what the issue is here. If you move a note that is linked in other notes, those links will update.

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Thanks. That is kind of what I thought. But then I had this thought that links were always resolved automatically without warnings. I use Wiki link with shortest path when possible.

Honestly, I was just a little hyper vigilant and having some new vault jitters, I guess. Not at a computer now, but I am 99% sure this is resolved. I just needed a little reassurance because I guess that little message doesn’t always flash.

My real concern was that a bunch of my links were changing to the long form. I had a bad experience in the past where accidentally bringing some notes with duplicate names into a large vault suddenly changed the links for some but not all of the duplicates. It was a mess and I still don’t really understand what had happened.

Much appreciated. If I get any more insight or realize anything else, I will comment here, but don’t think that will happen.