Who's using Emacs to *write* Obsidian notes?

Things I have tried

I am playing with Obsidian and it is great for searching and graph visualisation. I have my notes in Dropbox (or iCloud).

However my main Markdown writing environment is EMacs. So I made sure Ican access the Obsidian folder from Emacs as well. I have created notes from Emacs which forks fine. So far so good.

What I’m trying to do

Now I want to make the interplay between Obsidian and Emacs smoother. Here my questions:

  • Do others use Emacs to write the notes they then use in Obsidian?
  • What Emacs minor modes help? What Obsidian plugins?
  • What is the best way to open a note selected in Obsidian in Emacs and vice versa?

Thanks for any pointers!


So far the best way for me is to do everythin in Emacs, and use Obsidian only for sync (which I guess you don’t need since you’re using Dropbox).

I guess the only thing that’s missing is a some sort of company mode back-end that would allow easy linking and tagging…

Hi, yeah I’m a long time emacs user still getting started with Obsidian. In fact Obsidian shares a lot in common with org-mode it seems (although I am hardly an expert in either).

A company mode for adding links and tags sounds like a great idea. I have written a company backend in the past, might take a look at it myself. Let me just add it to my project ideas note …

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