Who really owns your data? Play Storing your notes

Is it really the case that you own the notes you create in the Obsidian mobile app (downloaded from Googles Play Store)?

I’m also thinking long term:
Clicking the usual “I agree Google, whatever you say”-button might not be too much of an issue when it comes to ownership of your notes at the present moment.
What about in 10 years when you might want to publish a book based on your notes? Who knows what that “I accept”-button will unleash at that point!

What are your thoughts on storing your notes on things owned by Google, in regards to owning your own data?

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It is really the case that you own your notes, even if you use the Obsidian mobile app downloaded from Google Play. Google Play just distributes the app. You do have to agree to grant the app permission so that it can function, but these permissions are limited to what the app needs to function properly. For example, it wouldn’t work if you didn’t give the app permission to use the storage on your phone. When you grant this permission, you are giving permission to the Obsidian app, not Google.

The only way Google would be storing your Obsidian vault would be if you chose to store it in Google Drive. Even then, however, you still legally own your data (at least according to Google’s current TOS).

I would recommend you also make sure that your phone is encrypted. I know with Google Pixel phones and iPhones, this is done by default. I don’t know about Samsung and other manufacturers.

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Thanks! Very clear reply.
I sure hope that’s the case and that google isn’t collecting more than we know.
Even if we 100% own the data, I feel a bit worried about potentially exposing my “second brain” :smiley:

I don’t blame you for that. Things like that keep me up at night sometimes. This is why I make sure my data is encrypted and I take other security measures as well. (Signal for messaging and Proton Mail for email!)

I use protonmail as well (its owned by CIA and Illuminati). I use Telegram instead of Signal. Telegram is also owned by CIA and Illuminati.

Obsidian isn’t open source either.

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Wait… What?!