Who or what deleted my files?

I have not manually deleted any data. But nevertheless, a lot of folders and files have been deleted. But they are not in .trash, only under Sync in the “Deleted Files”.

It takes me days to retrieve them one by one.

  • Why can something like this happen?
    - Is there a way to restore entire folders?

I’m experiencing a big loss of confidence right now. I am sad…

I use the following Plugins:

  • Excalidraw
  • dataview
  • Filename Heading Sync

Any hints? Thank You!

What I’m trying to do

Can you attach your sync logs from all devices involved?
You can also privately share them with us on discord (DM licat)
Did you mass rename files and folders?

Yes, I will do that.

I have yesterday only renamed one Template-File and about 10 files in other paths, which are still present.

The content in the logs is not old enough, there is no information from yesterday morning when the files were deleted.

Is my only chance to recreate it, selecting every single file?

Update: The situation has changed: I am now at my computer in the office. There I found all the deleted files in the .trash. I thought that the .trash would also be synchronised. The subject of this thread is now wrong. (I have changed it) The only question is, who has deleted the files and folders?

But I promise, I don’t have deleted so much file manually yesterday.

Please do not track any more. I have set up a system to track deletions. If it really is a bug, I will get back to you.