Which spellchecker is being used?

What I’m trying to do

What spell checker does Obsidian use on Mac OS? I’m finding that it does not behave as expected. This is version 1.5.11 on Mac OS 14.3.1 AND on iOS 17.4, and my system language is English (Canada).

If I misspell the word “constnats” in Obsidian on Mac OS, it correctly identifies it as misspelled with a red dotted line under it, but does not provide any suggestions to correct it. This is not the behaviour I see in other Mac text editors (e.g. TextEdit, Word) which either autocorrects the mistake or provide “constants” in the list of suggestions.

However, if I misspell the word “constnats” into Obsidian on iOS, it autocorrects it immediately.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried turning the spell check in Obsidian off and on, with no luck. I did search the forums and found some posts suggesting that Obsidian uses the MacOS spell checker, but based on the above I’m not sure that’s the case.

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