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Quick question hope this is okay to ask. I wondered if there is a specific plugin or theme or any that is a good template for vaults that you could copy or download ready-made? That has a calendar, financial computation, calendar/reminder, space for being a python developer, and good note-taking. I use Obsidianfor my laptop and tablet and phone for quick note-taking and searching. (I’m only a free user and I use iCloud as my cloud repository. :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for you response community :slight_smile:

I’ve not been very long around the block, so I might be wrong, but I reckon that setting up any vault in general is so much of a personal preference matter, that I don’t think you won’t find a vault preset with good folder/tag/link/… structure for your exact case.

With that being said, there are some common plugins loads of people seem to add to get going, and I’m not going to pretend this is a complete (or perfect) list, but here are some to get you going:

So there you have a few recommendations on plugins I’d suggest for getting you started. You don’t need to master any of these for starters, but they’re good to keep around and work your way into them.

On the general setup of the vault I’d suggest to just get started writing the notes, and seeing what you want to have in your vault, and adjust the usage as you go. Some extra help might be found in the Knowledge managament section of this forum, and of course you’re free to come back and ask specific question as to how to achieve something in particular.

In the latter case, please be careful to include what you’ve tried, what your notes look like, and preferably a mockup of what you want to achieve. This will help the community a lot when responding to your request.

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I appreciate your input and suggestions. I will save these notes as this will help me edit my vault. My aim for this task is just to be on the go and connected to all notes I have. I was checking notion but many people suggested obsidian as this is a better way to go for me as I am in the middle of being organized and not organized. The notion has a powerful search function as they say and can edit anytime tho the synchronization is bad you have to do a monthly payment I would pay a one-time deal if there is an option but then again I had to go with iCloud instead :slight_smile: :man_bowing:t4: :man_bowing:t4: :man_bowing:t4:

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