Where to find the original/default obsidian.css?

This was very helpful for me as a new obsidian user. To flesh it out a little further:

  • Put your css file in the path described above (vault/.obsidian/snippets/your_file.css)
  • Click on “settings” and then “Appearance” in the application
  • Refresh the css snippets folder (Icon labelled “1”)
  • Toggle the slider for your snippet (Labelled “2”). You should see your css applied
  • Close the settings view

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On the topic of how to get to the built in / original / default obsidian.css this worked for me on Obsidian v0.14.2, mac os 12.3 Monterey:

  1. Turn off custom theme to switch to Default Obsidian theme: Settings → Appearance → Themes: Manage → select Default ⇒ click Use button

Result: Obsidian app should be in default theme

  1. Open web dev tool inspector anywhere in the app: press CTRL + SHIFT + I or Mac users press option + command + i

  2. Select the Sources tab in Dev Tools → top → obsidian.md → app.css

  3. Copy & paste into a text editor or right-click and Save as… onto your machine


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