Where is the user spell check dictionary file located?

Does anybody know where the spell check dictionary lives?

Inside .obsidian/app.json there is a spellcheckDictionary list but I have almost 100 words there and none of them show up when I go to Settings > Editor > Spellcheck and click the little gear icon. Likewise, manually adding a new word (e.g.: 00TestObviousTypoWord) to the list and then re-starting obsidian does not seem to work… when I create a new note and type 00TestObviousTypoWord it is underlined in red.

I have had a look through every other file in the .obsidian/ directory, too… and there’s nothing that appears to contain a list of words.

The reason why I am asking:

Spell check dictionaries don’t seem to be synced! I am constantly having to “re-whitelist” acronyms on each computer that I work on… and I’d like this to not be the case.

Does this mean that the app.json file is no longer needed? It appears to be updated each time obsidian is launched/closed so I’m assuming the file is still used. But does that mean the spellcheckDictionary key is not used?


it’s not used anymore.
We switched to using chrome spellchecker a long while ago, the user dictionary is global now not synced.

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C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\obsidian\Custom Dictionary.txt

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On a Mac:

~/Library/Application Support/obsidian/Custom Dictionary.txt



That’s unfortunate. Thanks for clarifying though!

EDIT: For the *nix users (non snap install):

me@computer:~/.var/app/md.obsidian.Obsidian/config/obsidian$ cat Custom\ Dictionary.txt | wc -l

Thanks for asking this, I was looking for this too. For me, on Linux Mint, it’s in ~/.config/obsidian not in .var, but at least I knew what to look for now :slight_smile:

Now maybe someone could explain how to actually manually add a bunch of words to that Custom Dictionary.txt? Because when I add words and then restart Obsidian, the file updates and it’s empty.

Any ideas?
Edit: I think I had some spaces in some words, and that was tripping it up. As far as I can tell, now Obsidian takes those words.


Thanks for pointing this out! I already have some automation around keeping my ~ in sync so if I can get obsidian using the ~/.config/obsidian path, i’d be set!

How are you installing / running obsidian, @ReaderGuy42 ?

Via the installer on the official website I think. I would use Mint’s official repo to install it, but that was a few versions behind.

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