Where is the best place to store embedded PDFs in the zettelkasten method

I have a folder where I store a number of attachments such as PDFs and images. If I have a file whose only purpose is to contain an embed of one of those PDFs that I can link to from elsewhere in order to view the document quickly, whereabouts would you store that file? The PDF is a formal research document. My guess would be that it is a Literature Note even though it is a source document rather than my personal musings on the content of the paper. I guess that providing I am consistent with this approach it doesn’t really matter that much but was wondering what the recommended approach is if there is one or what solutions you use.

I just use one folder to store all of my attachments. This may seem disorganized, but with the power of internal linking in Obsidian I have no concern about them all being dumped there. I run with the assumption that I will be able to find every file I need in that folder based on links or the search features in Obsidian.

There are many other ideas of how you could use more folders for organization. However, I recommend aligning with @nickmilo approach that says to minimize folders and rely on links. That is the approach I use for my vault.

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Thanks, I only have one folder for attachments in order to keep searches simple…but I think you didn’t quite understand the question. It was about where should a file that contains the attachment as an embed be stored if following the Fleeting/Literature/Permanent notes model as it doesn’t quite match the definitions of any of them. I assume the closest is to store it as a Literature Note.

Just to be sure (maybe I misunderstood your purpose): why do you need such a file - given that you can also link directly to any pdf? :thinking:

I think I understand better now. Two things come to mind

  1. Do you know that you can quickly view the PDF in obsidian without it needing to be embedded somewhere? You just use ctrl+o and search for the file and it will use an internal pdf viewer. Maybe you have a different need for embedding it though. Is that faster for viewing than going directly to the file?
  2. To your orignal question, I think it would be reasonable to just keep that file with the embed in the same spot as the file (the one folder you have with pdfs). I say that because it seems that you aren’t trying to draw any other connection with the embed note. All you are trying to do is have a different way of viewing the pdf. So, the purpose of the pdf or the file with embed isn’t different, therefore I would say put them in the same folder.

I hope that helps