Where in CSS can I change preview font?

I have a lot of documentation in OmniOutliner that I’m moving to Obsidian, but I like the typography I’ve developed over many years in OmniOutliner for clarity and readability.

Where (apparently in obsidian.css) can I edit to set the font and paragraph spacing for regular body text (hoping it will cascade down to body text variants like bolding, links, lists, etc.) I’d also like to do the same for the headings.

I’ve looked at the developer window but need to learn more about how it works. Unfortunately, the Documentation link is broken. Does anyone know where it actually is, if it exists at all?


Hey Russell

You can easily edit your font and paragraph paddings via the DevTool in obsidian.

Just go into DevTool like you did, use the “Select Element” function (looks like a cursor) in the top left of the DevTool window, and than click on any element in your Obsidian to find its CSS code.

When you see the CSS code, you can change the values to create the style you want.

Then, copy paste the code from DevTool into your obsidian.css file and save. Anything changed in DevTool doesn’t save, you have to copy-paste it into your css file

I wrote a 3-steps article about this, you may want to check it out if I’m too brief here.

Good luck!

Thanks for the quick response. For a few minutes first working with the DevTool, the Select Element tool let me move around a document, highlighting in blue each heading, paragraph, list item, etc. Then I must have unknowingly changed something, because now it does nothing hovering over the document, but instead highlights only the title bar, workspace ribbon collapse button, and other interface elements, but not the document content.

I could figure this out if there were documentation for DevTool so I could get a clue about the details of how it works, but as I said, the DevTool help menu offers “Documentation,” but nothing happens when you select it.

Is DevTool a product some company makes, that might have documentation? Or is it a something the Obsidian team built and haven’t had the time to document?

Thanks again,

I figured it out… It’s a Google tool with good intro material at Chrome DevTools  |  Chrome for Developers

Have a good evening!