Where I can find font-family compatible with mathjax?

Where I can find font-family compatible with mathjax that i can change with css snippet?

Unfortunately, at the moment, MathJax 3 supports only one font (MathJax Font Support).

You could try with some LaTeX font with the following snippet (font-family property), but you’ll probably have some issue with certain characters.

    font-family: family-name, generic-family !important; 

Not sure if you are looking for a way to match the font of the normal text with the mathjax font. But what I found is this:

/* reading mode */
.markdown-preview-view {
  font-family: 'CMU Serif Bold' !important;

/* source view and live preview */
.markdown-source-view.mod-cm6 .cm-scroller {
    font-family: 'CMU Serif Bold' !important;

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