Where can I find the feature/plugin that, on select text and plugin activation, it automatically pastes the link in the parentheses?

There is this feature that I like a lot in Typora, and that I found in Obsidian on another computer, that lets me select a text, press Ctrl K, and it will automatically put the text between [ ] and the link between ( ). I know there’s a feature/plugin for Obsidian. I just forgot where it is.

Community plugin: Paste URL into selection.


I’ve been using it religiously for some time.


I just use ctrl+k and it does this

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@austin I was excited to hear this might work, but alas, not for me.

When I press CTRL+K on highlighted text, it gives me this: [highlighted text]()
I’m guessing it’s because I don’t use wikilinks. The good part is that it places the cursor inside the parentheses, so it’s just one more keystroke CTRL+V to finish the job of pasting the link.

Thanks for the tip. If I ever lose the plugin for some reason, this will be a great alternative!

Sorry. I forgot the ctrl+v. Muscle memory :smiley:

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