Where are the Hotkeys of Plugins stored?

What I’m trying to do

I am using multiple vaults and I use hard links (macOS) to duplicate the hotkeys across the Vaults. This works as expected. However, when assigning a new Hotkey to, let’s say for example, Open local graph, then I observed that this hotkey is not stored in hotkeys.json of my Vault. Where is it stored then?

Now, I am wondering where all the plugins Hotkeys (Core and Community) are stored? I saw that Obsidian is using several DBs and I hoped that it would not store those hotkeys there, since it would break my multi-vaults workflow.

Things I have tried

I assigned different Hotkeys to several obsidian functionalities and I observed that core functionalities Hotkeys (not core plugin) are stored in hotkeys.json but that the other hotkeys are not. I did not tried it by I assume community plugins use their own folder for that.

Thanks for any help.

my plugin custom hotkey is stored in hotkeys.json. screenshot below for my custom hotkey for various complements

Edit: maybe ur sync app didn’t sync the hidden .obsidian folder.

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