Where are Help pages

I have downloaded Obsidian and run the program but I cannot see how to add notes. “Help” opens to an empty page. I did manage to create several new (empty) files in my vault.

A help page for beginners be good?

Make sure you downloaded latest version
see this topic Obsidian Release v0.6.5

Thanks. Yes I got v0.6.5

Bob, with the app open, select “Open New Window.” (I don’t know exactly how to get there on Windows or Mac, sorry. I’m guessing it’d be under “File” menu.) It should give you a dialog where you can select from opening or creating a vault. Select “Open help vault” and you should be good to go.

I had a problem on 0.6.5 when I tried to use the ? icon within the app to open help. It gave me a javascript error. I assume it was because the help vault hadn’t been created in the place its supposed to be now. Once I created it, the ? in the app works fine.