When you delete a link, Obsidian asks you if you want to delete all the backlinks too

I want to delete a file and then all its backlinks in different files are removed from the file


At the very least instead of Obsidian warning “There are currently X links pointing to this note”, it should at least offer you a list of what notes/files are pointing to the file so you can (more easily) remove them by hand.

I could “cancel” at that point & do a manual search & remove them all by hand first & then delete the file, but it would be so much easier if there were at least a semi-automated way of handling this, what I believe to become a more frequent scenario.


Obsidian Team, +1 vote for this feature from me.

Any plans to implement an automatic backlinks removal when deleting a single note?

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+1 for this

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I don’t have a problem with having the option to delete the backlinks, but sometimes I have cases where I want to keep the backlinks when I delete the note.

Case and point: Say I have 10 links called [[Problems in Society]] but I haven’t gotten around to creating that particular note yet, and I want to rename every link but no add the note, since the file not existing in graph view is what prompts me to add it in the next time.

I’d also like the feature requested by OP. And I see the value in your use-case.

Perhaps your use-case could be addressed by adding “Rename all these Links”, where every instance of this Link would be changed.

But yea, I’ve been overzealous in Linking things that aren’t page-worthy, really. I’d love for an easy way to get rid of them.