When you delete a link, Obsidian asks you if you want to delete all the backlinks too

I want to delete a file and then all its backlinks in different files are removed from the file


At the very least instead of Obsidian warning “There are currently X links pointing to this note”, it should at least offer you a list of what notes/files are pointing to the file so you can (more easily) remove them by hand.

I could “cancel” at that point & do a manual search & remove them all by hand first & then delete the file, but it would be so much easier if there were at least a semi-automated way of handling this, what I believe to become a more frequent scenario.

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Obsidian Team, +1 vote for this feature from me.

Any plans to implement an automatic backlinks removal when deleting a single note?

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+1 for this

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I don’t have a problem with having the option to delete the backlinks, but sometimes I have cases where I want to keep the backlinks when I delete the note.

Case and point: Say I have 10 links called [[Problems in Society]] but I haven’t gotten around to creating that particular note yet, and I want to rename every link but no add the note, since the file not existing in graph view is what prompts me to add it in the next time.