When updating plugin the UI now scrolls you to the top each time you update an individual plugin

When updating plugins, if I have 6 plugins to update, in the past I would scroll through and click update on them one at a time because I like to know which plugins are being updated (instead of clicking update all).

In the past I could do this without issue, but now every time I click update on a single plugin Obsidian scrolls me all the way back to the top of the window. It looks like maybe because it is trying to auto set focus in the “Search installed plugins…” input box each time? This just started happening after the recent update where settings and hotkey shortcuts were added to the installed plugin list.

It would be nice if updating a plugin didn’t scroll you up each time cuz I have to keep scrolling back to the bottom of the list to find the next plugin to Update.

should be fixed 0.13.22

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