When the boss sends you a MS Word doc and expects one back?

Pandoc does a great job of producing word documents, but what do you do when you’re sent a file in this format and expected to send it back in this format?

I’ve been sent the most horrendous Word file, and am being asked to fill out a TABLE inside this…
In full prose…
In boxes so small there’s a word per line!

The table is so big that I keep getting lost and making mistakes. Whenever I make a mistake I have to copy and paste and it’s almost like starting again.

If I could link obsidian into this, I could have every box linked to a note in obsidian and have those auto update.

Or maybe there’s another workflows for battling this that I’m not aware of?

If you can, I’d recommend expressing your reservations about the format. Since you probably can’t (oh, workplaces!), what I would do is copy the text out of and into each box, doing the actual text work in a temporary plain text file.

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You can connect MS Word table with MS Excel table and then autofill.


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