When opening files/folders with '[](file:///)' is it possbile to pass a command line argument as well?

The following link when clicked, opens gif.gif in the default media player, in my case MPV:


Can you pass command line arguments to MPV at the same time?

For example, MPV supports the argument --no-config, I tried passing it:


It does not work, I get a error message box, the error:

Windows cannot find 'C:\temp\gif.giff --no-config'. Make sure you've typed the name correctly, then try again.

This isn’t particularly to do with MPV, I am just looking for a general solution to opening files and passing command line arguments at the same time. For example, open vid.mp4 and start playing from 00:43:04, this is trivial to do at the command line but I am not so sure in Obsidian.

This question is separate from my previous question. I am purely concerned with launching files with command line arguments.

Thanks for any help.

You may want to try the “Buttons” community plugin: it allows to create a button in a note that launches a command when clicked.

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