When opened in a separate window, graph view opens already opened file instead of switching to it

I use graph view opened on separate window, and when I click on a node, it opens in a new tab in main window, no mater, how many tabs with this file already opened, and does not switch to the opened tab. So I could open any number of tabs with the same file.
Win7, checked with all com.plugs off in a default dark theme.
Problem does not occur if the graph view is opened in a main obsidian window, or if node is a #tag note.

I can’t reproduce.
Post a screen recording of this happening in the sandbox vault.

Oh, right. Graph view in a separate window must be pinned as well for bug to occur.
Will try to record it later today or tomorrow

if you are pinning it, it’s normal not to switch to the note.

Shouldn’t it check if i already have chosen file opened first, before opening another instance of that same file?

there’s no “checking if already open” anywhere in obsidian.

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Is it privacy\security thing? Can it be added sometimes in the future? Should I not seek plugins with such feature for some good reason?

I would be interested to know this as well.