When merging files, automatically replacing former link name with corresponding alias name in new merged file

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When I merge an existing file called “Bicycle” into another existing file called “Bicycles” (Which contains “Bicycle” as an Alias name in the Metadata), I would find it convenient if all existing links in other files, that were before referring to the file “Bicycle” would then lead to the Alias name in the new File called Bicycles|Bicycle, in render view or live preview shown as “Bicycle”.

As now the old links would carry the name of the newly merged file (Here “Bicycles”) which does at times no longer fit into the context of the text that the link was in before. This example here contains two times the same word, one is singular one is plural, other examples could be more striking if the words differ more like “Earth” and as an Alias “Gaia”.

It would speed up my flow with Obsidian if this happened automatically while merging.

Proposed solution

If possible, this would happen automatically during the process of merging files.

Current workaround (optional)

I’m currently renaming old links manually.

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Additionally to “Proposed solution”

At the moment, when I merge two files, I can also select the name of the Alias of the file that I want to merge into and the files get merged.
But the name of the old links becomes the “main name” of the new file, not the name of the selected Alias.

In a “solution scenario” this selected Alias name would then be how all “old” links (that referred to the file that has been deleted during merging) are named. If selected in the merging process it could be the name they had before (If it exists as Alias in the newly merged file) or it could also be the name of a different Alias (In the newly merged file) if the user chooses this.

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