When I want the md file to be displayed in System Explorer,it does not have it on top

When I want the md file to be displayed in System Explorer, it does add a new window but does not have it on top. I need to manually open System Explorer to display it. Clicking on the folder link( file:///D:/something ) does not have this problem.

Hmm. I cannot reproduce this issue. E.g., using the “Reveal in Finder” command (macOS) opens a new Finder window with the file selected in its folder, and the Finder window is the topmost/active window.

What I said is to select a file from the file list on the left, right-click, and click ‘show in system explorer’. At this time, the system will pop up a system explorer window that will not be placed on top. (window 11)

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Can you …

Help > Show Debug Info > Copy to clipboard

… and paste here?

Are Obsidian in a full screen mode already? Could this be related to your view state on Obsidian not allowing the System Explorer to pop up on top of it?

With that being said, it does change the focus on macOS when I’ve got Obsidian in full-screen mode, and I do the equivalent “Reveal in Finder”. But this could be different in Win 11.

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