When gonna be polish language in obsidian?

Hi people

Well, I was introduced to this cute program by my buddy and I think for my job (film critic - check out my blog - mowafilmowa.wordpress.com) its pretty great, full of great options and possibilities to reach new level of efficiency of my work. I only have one question when I can put PL signs on obsidian?

You can contribute to translations here https://github.com/obsidianmd/obsidian-translations

It looks like there is already a polish translation.

wait a sec. How and where I can put this thins into my obsidian to get my problem resolve?

You don’t have to put anyway, just select the polish language in obsidian settings->about

i set POLISH language but I cant write my reviews with polish signs.

what reviews? polish signs?

movie review.

I don’t understand what your problem is

you see. There are couple of words with polish signs but most of them don’t have it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_alphabet

Did you write this yourself or you copied?
Can you input these characters from your computer?
Don’t use a custom theme when submitting a bug report.

ive copied some txt from MacBook application NOTES. The problem is that I cant wrote movie review on obsidian with polish signs (I mean with full polish alphabet)

I think the problem is your input method on MacOS not obsidian.

well I already figure it out.


It is up to you to figure out how to insert Polish alphabet characters using your computer. This is not something that Obsidian can do.

See e.g., https://www.quora.com/How-do-you-type-Polish-letters-on-a-Mac.

If you’re trying to do that and it isn’t working, please post a bug report (#bug-reports) and follow the steps in the template in detail. Thanks!