When bolding selected text, Obsidian should trim whitespace from the beginning and end of the selection

When I’m trying to bold text, I sometimes unexpectedly bold more text than I wanted to, because I selected a trailing space.



I find this happens especially often when I’m editing on a touch screen device.

In most text editors (e.g. Google Docs, Bear…), if your selection includes a trailing space, that doesn’t mean you end up bolding the entire selection AND all the text that follows. So I think the current behavior will seem like a bug to most people.


  • Operating system: Mac, iOS, Android
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.5

I understand. I am not sure I consider this a bug. Open a Feature Request.

I see that you are able to move this post to the “Bug graveyard”. Are you unable to move this into the “Feature requests” section?