What's your routine to update third-party plugins manually?

I learned that plugins don’t update themselves automatically. That means that I must update them manually myself. However, even though it takes little time to update them, I can’t think of a schedule for my routine.

So I thought that making this post could help me to find a schedule to integrate into my routine, or inspiration to make my own.

I appreciate your comments in advance.

Are you installing them through ‘Community plugins’ in the settings menu? If so, you can click ‘Check for updates’ and then ‘Update all’.

Like @rpcm said you can do that from

Settings > Community plugins

In the top right it will tell you how many plugins need to be updated

Then you just click on “Update All”

You can also scroll down and choose the ones you want to update, if you want to do it one by one.

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Hey, thanks for commenting. I’m afraid I wasn’t clear in my post, so your comment doesn’t answer it. I was looking for help on when to update the plugins, not how to update them.

In any case, a reddit user from r/obsidianmd gave me the inspiration I was looking for.

Thanks anyways!

As I explained to @npcm, I wasn’t looking for advice on how to update the plugins, but when to update them.

Either way, I appreciate that you two tried to help even if it didn’t resolve my help request, so thanks!

I always update if an update is available. But I also only use plugins that I wrote myself …

I marked this post as resolved help but I brought it back to help

Interesting question.

This is extremely subjective and I personally don’t worry too much about it.

I update plugins when I remember to do so. It’s very random for me and I don’t feel the need to make a schedule.

If you do something like a weekly review, perhaps doing it at the start of the week sounds like a good idea.

hope that helps!

I’ll update the plugins weekly then. Thanks a ton for your attention!

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I do it when I think about it, which is a few times a week. I am try and make sure everything is updated for all apps and plugins.

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