Whats up with the passwords

I signed up a couple weeks ago. I use a password manager with lenghty passwords so I don’t have to remember and cannot forget them.

Had trouble logging in for a few days and submitted serveral ‘forgot password’ forms. Didn’t work. I was trying to do that $25 contribution thing. But I could not log in.

Today, I submitted another ‘forgot password’ and this time I was able to log in to the website.

So I go ahead and purchase the sync product. I go back to my app to turn it on, and it asks me to log in. I enter the same exact credentials that I had just saved to my password manager. It repeatedly fails.

I then figure I’ll change my password to just letters/numbers. I could not change it because the website now did not recognize the password I had saved to my password manager.

Is there some sort of delay between password syncing on backend servers? Does the system choke on certain characters?

FWIW, my password is similar to this: @C29HICHc-vqc*2W

Is it possible that this is a copy/paste issue?

Can you unmask your password to make sure you are copy/pasting/saving the same strings everywhere?

Are you running the latest version of obsidian in all your devices?

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Thanks for the reply!


I’m certain I’m pasting in the password I use on this website into the Obsidian app under the sync page. I’ve pasted the password into a doc first to verify it is correct.

I use a password manager to avoid this situation.

I’m using v1.5.12.

The password for this forum is different password of the main website/obsidian app.

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Thank you. That was it. I did set up two different auths initially, but I think I later thought they were duplicate entries in my password manager and deleted the main one.

Thank you for helping me!