What's the purpose of Daily Notes?

I’m new to Obsidian and I see that the Daily Notes plugin is extremely popular. I don’t quite see the value in it at the moment, so I’d love to hear what people use this plugin for. I’m guessing it’s for things like a to-do list, journaling since having a date attached makes sense. But most of the notes I make don’t really need to have a date. What is the benefit of this over normal blank notes? Thanks

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It doesn’t seem you need daily notes then. Daily notes are for taking daily notes. :slight_smile:


I use them kind of like a bullet journal. I keep track of to-dos and as a running diary of meetings that I have, that kind of thing.

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I started using Daily Notes just to see if it might help with my productivity and I’m starting to see its potential. I tried making a few to-do lists and I find myself viewing them throughout the day, perhaps reminding me more regularly than usual of what I should be doing.


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